Facts About Gun Springs

Almost universally overlooked by shooters, gun springs are perhaps some of the most important parts in any firearm. If you are still using the factory gun springs in your firearm, it is most likely not performing at peak levels.

A conventional music wire gun spring begins degrading the moment it is installed and degrades further with each compression. A firing pin striker spring will exhibit up to a 30% loss of power eighteen months after installation without even being used. There is just no way a gun spring in this condition is capable of producing the energy required for proper and consistent primer ignition. It will most likely ignite a primer but it is not doing a good job of it.

Our rifle striker springs and shotgun hammer springs are all increased in strength which translates to quicker lock times. A degraded ignition sequence spring increases lock time which accentuates human error.

Our shotgun spring replacement kits not only address ignition issues but also important maintenance matters. A worn top lever spring allows locking bolt movement and resulting wear. A dilapidated recoil spring in an semi automatic shotgun allows recoil to batter internal parts and reduce feeding reliability.

A chrome silicon gun spring which has been made from premium wire and preset gives hundreds of thousands of consistent cycles and does it with less vibration and sight disruption. This is especially important for rimfire rifles whose accuracy is so dependent on reliable ignition and barrel harmonics.

All of our gun springs are made from chrome silicon or high grade alloy wire that has been cold drawn and heat treated. A gun spring is only as good as the material it is made of. That is why all of our gun springs are made from wire produced by Industrial Steel and Wire Company which is recognized as producing the most consistent wire using only the best materials. All of our springs are made in the United States of America.

If you want the best performance from your shotgun or rifle whether you are a competitive shooter, a varmint hunter, bird hunter, big game hunter or a casual plinker, you owe it to yourself to have the best gun springs available. They are truly the engines of all firearms.

Facts About Action Screws

All of our action screws are custom made on Brown and Sharpe or Swiss screw machines. They are custom designed by us to be direct replacements of factory blade head screws. All screws are made of 1144 fatigue proof steel and have a hex head sized to the screw head and shaft to insure the strongest screw possible.

The importance of consistent action screw torque is well known in the precision shooting sports. Our action screws make consistent torque settings a snap for the factory rifles we make them for. Most of our competitors are selling hardware store or catalog screws that have been cut off to length or modified in some way. That is the easy way to do it. The difference between a good screw and a cheap one is concentricity. The heads of our action screws are concentric to the shaft of the screw and torque straight and true. Our action screws are threaded where they need to be and not all the way up to the head of the screw. Full length threading is a good indication that an inexpensive screw has been modified. We don`t take short cuts or compromise on quality. All of our action screws are heat treated and finished with black oxide. We can also provide custom length screws for all the rifles we make screws for. We have extra length screws for most rifles that we can customize to your custom stock. All kits come with an appropriate size hex wrench. Our action screws, like all of our products, are made in the United States of America.