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Legal Disclaimer

Precautions & Warnings
We suggest that you consult a qualified gunsmith to install these parts in your firearm.

Always be certain that your firearm is unloaded before replacing any gun spring or action screw.

Before loading ammunition into any firearm after the replacement of any gun spring or action screw, operate the action aggressively without any trigger contact to be certain that the firing pin, striker, or hammer does not release or malfunction. Cycle the action several times without trigger contact before releasing the trigger to be certain that no malfunction has occurred. Repeat the above operation and check the safety for proper functioning. If at any time after the replacement of gun springs or action screws the firing pin, striker, or hammer is released without trigger contact or the safety does not function properly do not load or fire the firearm until a qualified gunsmith has inspected and or repaired the firearm.

Use Safety Glasses
All springs are potentially dangerous. Always wear safety glasses when removing or installing springs into any firearm. Bystanders also must wear safety glasses to avoid the danger of flying springs.